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Building on Success LBUSD Campus Improvement Bonds

Roosevelt Elementary School

Construction Budget: $49.6 Million
Square Footage: 99,000
Grades: K-5
Classrooms: 47
Students Served: 1,100
Anticipated School Opening: Fall 2015



  • waiting for Roosevelt to open
  • girl with hula hoop
  • smiling girl at Roosevelt
  • Roosevelt boy with recorder
  • three students walking to class
  • Roosevelt students playing
  • Roosevelt girls playing
  • Roosevelt boy on jungle gym
  • girl student smiling
  • five Roosevelt students sitting on floor
  • three students studying at desk
  • Roosevelt student assembly
  • students smiling in group
  • Roosevelt students cheering at assembly
  • empty dirt field
  • empty dirt field near fence
  • construction workers laying down pipe
  • construction workers pouring concrete
  • construction fence
  • pouring foundation
  • pouring foundation 2
  • fire riser building
  • grid brace
  • setting anchor bolts for building
  • aerial view of construction site
  • construction site pipe in ditch
  • construction site
  • construction view of two story structure
  • construction site view of rebar
  • aerial view of construction site with crane
  • construction site view of second story structure
  • construction worker holding pipes
  • construction site with rebar on ground
  • construction site with vertical rebar installed
  • construction site crane
  • construction site two story structure
  • construction site building progress
  • construction site building in progress
  • walkway construction
  • prepare walkway for concrete
  • prepare walkway for concrete view two
  • completed concrete walkway
  • prepare walkway for concrete view three
  • construction site moving rocks
  • construction workers pouring concrete
  • roosevelt interior classroom
  • roosevelt interior classroom cabinets
  • roosevelt interior hallway
  • roosevelt interior cabinets on two walls
  • interior light fixtures
  • interior door
  • pouring concrete walkway
  • exterior of building
  • exterior walkway construction
  • construction workers talking
  • roosevelt school exterior signage
  • construction workers looking at roosevelt sign
  • building interior unfinished ceiling
  • exterior walkway finished
  • roosevelt front exterior building
  • finish concrete walkway and building exterior
  • construction site exterior of walkway
  • construction site exterior of walkway view two
  • construction site with building materials
  • aerial view of construction workers looking at walkway
  • interior classroom windows
  • interior classroom windows from an angle
  • construction workers in classrooms
  • looking out of classroom window to exterior i
  • construction worker touching finished wall
  • two construction workers looking at clock
  • looking down interior hallway
  • construction worker pointing at finished wall
  • Theodore Roosevelt sign
  • exterior rendering
  • rendering front bus

As one of the largest and oldest elementary schools in the district, Roosevelt will be completely rebuilt to better serve the needs of the growing student community. The compact site requires innovative use of space, including a playground built above a ground-level parking garage and a multipurpose room with a stage and audio/visual alcove.

To honor the "Art Deco" architecture of the original school and its historical neighborhood, the new buildings will be built with the same classical balance of traditionalism and modernism.

Meanwhile, the school size will be increased from 64,000 to 100,000 square feet and improvements will be made in a new pick-up/drop-off plaza to alleviate street congestion. All portables will be removed from the campus and replaced with permanent buildings that will surround a central amphitheater and common area with shade trees and landscaping.


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Measure K project rendering for Roosevelt Elementary School


1574 Linden Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90813

Construction Supervisor:
Frank Navarro

Ghataode Bannon Architects, LLP

Tilden-Coil Constructors, Inc.

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