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Melanie Nazarbekian Graduates From Leadership Academy

When Melanie Nazarbekian earned her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from Cal State Northridge she thought she would become a school teacher. The year was 2009 and few districts were hiring.

So, instead of teaching, she got a job as an administrative secretary in the bond office of the Glendale Unified School District. During the first few years, she worked hard to learn on the job, taking project management courses and going above and beyond expectations of the workplace.

In 2014, she successfully tested for the position of project assistant, where she continued to increase her knowledge of school construction and proved to be a valuable member of the bond office team.

In 2017, she was hired by LBUSD as an assistant project manager, responsible for planning future projects, processing funding applications and reviewing plans with state agencies.

To further her knowledge of facilities management and planning, Melanie recently graduated from a year-long facilities leadership academy through the Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH), the statewide professional organization for school facility professionals.

With 50 other current and future school facilities leaders from across California, she completed an intensive program focusing on modernization, new construction and maintenance of public schools.

The program emphasized leadership, management, collaboration, technical competence and best practices and political context at the department, cabinet and state levels.

"I highly recommend the program for anyone in this industry. It was a huge commitment, with a lot of homework and time away from family, but well worth it," she said.

Nazarbekian lives in Oak Park with her husband, Martin and their two-year old daughter, Liana.