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How Wi-Fi Impacts Learning at Wilson High

students using iPads

At one of the first schools in the district to be equipped with a campus-wide wireless network, the learning environment is already beginning to reflect the new technology.

The Wilson High campus was outfitted with wi-fi last spring as one of the four initial “proof of concept” pilot projects funded by Measure K.

“Having wi-fi has been very helpful for my students,” said English teacher Julie Majdali. “They are able to easily access School Loop to check on missing assignments. Also, even without a class set of thesauri, students have been able to use their hand-held devices to go online and look up synonyms of vocabulary words.”

For students in Patty Martinez’s film analysis class, access to wi-fi has enabled them to view film clips easily and instantly compare versions of horror films, such as “Frankenstein.”

“It used to be time-consuming for me to download a film clip to include in a PowerPoint presentation,” said Martinez. “Now I can use my laptop and easily show a film segment that we can then review for discussion.”

Senior Samantha Guerra said she used her smart phone to find pictures of varieties of plankton for her marine biology project and fellow senior Ian Campbell noted that he used his phone to do research on the 9-11 tragedy for his U.S. history class. “Hearing or reading about history is one thing, but to actually see what happened makes it all the more real and memorable,” he said.

Students in teacher Leticia Davila’s classroom are using wi-fi to access Advanced Placement practice tests available online. “One of the exam sections is a conversation. I play an audio in class; students use their phones to record the audio and their answers. Then, they send them to me electronically,” she explained.
Teachers like Davila, who have embraced technology, say it’s a useful classroom tool, and more applications are sure to make it more valuable in the future.