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Interim Housing Set for Roosevelt & Newcomb

interim housing for Roosevelt and NewcombStudents and staff of Roosevelt Elementary School and Newcomb K-8 Academy will prepare to move to interim housing at the close of the current semester, as the reconstruction of both campuses nears. The new construction projects were identified as high priority in the school district’s Facility Master Plan and will be financed by Measure K bond funds.

The Board of Education announced in December that Roosevelt students will temporarily attend Butler Middle School while Newcomb students will go to Keller Elementary School beginning next school year.

“After considering all the options, the decision to send students to the temporary quarters is the safest, most efficient and cost-effective,” said Carri Matsumoto, executive director of the Facilities Development and Planning Branch for LBUSD.

Decommissioning, including removing furniture and equipment, along with abatement of old building materials, will take place over the summer and fall. Then, late in the year, the actual demolition of the old structures will begin. Actual reconstruction following the tear-down of the schools is estimated to take 18-24 months.

Upon returning to their home campuses in 2015, students and staff of Newcomb and Roosevelt will enjoy brand new schools, with a 30 percent increase in square footage and state-of-the art technology such as wireless Internet access.

At both schools, improvements to pedestrian and vehicle access as well as parking will enhance safety and decrease congestion during pick-up and drop-off periods.

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