Measure K UPDATE
FALL 2011

Portables Removed from 14 Campuses

portable removableThis past summer,Measure K funds paid for the demolition and removal of 15 outdated portable structures on 14 campuses.

Portables were removed from Wilson, Hamilton, Robinson, Stephens, Addams, Signal Hill, Grant, Webster, McKinley, Robinson, Harte, Keller, Willard and Kettering schools, as well as at the LBUSD School for Adults, Cedar campus.

Removal of portables at Lakewood High School and at Lindbergh and Stephens middle schools will begin later this fall. This is the first phase of portable removal outlined in the Facility Master Plan, a long-term blueprint for building and reconfiguring schools in the district. Temporary portable offices and classrooms were installed on campuses during periods of growth in the 80's and 90's.

Visit the LBUSD district-wide projects page.

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