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Gus Galindo Returns to Design Jordan Renovations

Gus Galindo - Jordan High School RenovationWhen Gus Galindo was a student at Jordan High 30 years ago, the campus looked much like it does today. In fact, some of the buildings are 50 to 70 years old and the campus has never had a major renovation.

Until now. The Jordan campus is about to get a facelift, thanks to $136 million in Measure K funds that have been allocated to its modernization. Work started earlier this year on removing tennis courts and preparing the ground for installation of temporary classrooms, which will be used while new classrooms are built.

Galindo is one of the key players in the early phase of preparation for construction. As a project coordinator for NTD Architects, the designer of Phase I, the Cal Poly Pomona grad says he relishes the prospect of having a role in the revitalization of Jordan High, his alma mater.

Prior to joining NTD 18 years ago, Galindo taught architectural design at a trade college. He says he would advise any prospective architectural student to think broadly not only about the design aspect of the profession but how the design will affect construction and the future use of the building.

He noted that a project the size of Jordan must be a team effort, with close cooperation among the civil, structural and mechanical engineers. “The architectural team is the coordinating link between the client and the contractor,” he added.

The biggest challenge, according to Galindo, is the renovation and replacement of buildings while students remain onsite.

“Construction activities occupy space and can get noisy. The goal is to cause minimal disruption to students and the adjoining neighborhood,” he said.

Galindo said he shares the excitement among students and neighbors about the remaking of their school. “I am invested in this project because Jordan High was part of my own life, and now I am returning to help make it better,” he said.