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New Plans Call for Multi-Phase Renovations at Jordan High

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Measure K staff recently unveiled a multi-phase master plan for renovating Jordan High School. As the single largest Measure K project to date, upgrades to the 27-acre campus are budgeted at $136 million for construction and will occur in six phases.

The first phase, to start in early 2014, involves installing temporary classrooms on the southeast side of campus where practice fields are now located. The temporary classrooms will be needed so that students can remain onsite while construction takes place in various parts of the campus over the next several years.

Phase 2, starting in fall 2014, involves demolition of five existing buildings in the northern part of campus. A new cafeteria will be re-located there, along with four new academy buildings with lab spaces. The timeline for Phases 3-6 are to be determined, depending on available funding.

These phases will include renovation of the media center, music building, gymnasium and auditorium. New athletic playfields also are planned.

“This is a highly complex project because we will be building and renovating on campus while students are there,” said Carri Matsumoto, executive director of Facilities, Planning and Development. “All the changes planned are aimed at assuring the safety of students and staff, while converting the facilities to meet 21st Century educational needs. The new campus will result in a more efficient and practical instructional environment that will serve the school well for years to come.”