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Districtwide Wireless Project Under Way

student uses wireless tablet in class

Thanks to Measure K, every school in the Long Beach Unified School District will have an operational wireless technology network by the fall of 2014.

Installation has begun at high schools and some middle schools, with the remainder of middle schools and elementary schools following closely behind. A total of 18 campuses will have been completed by year’s end.

“Wireless or wi-fi will enable us to support educational advancements available now and in the future,” said Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser. “We are at the forefront of school districts in California in providing campus-wide networks that will stretch the boundaries of traditional classrooms.”

The $23 million project is possible because funds made available by the Measure K bond initiative may be used for technology upgrades and for building new schools or renovating existing ones.

The wireless project involves installation of a network of wi-fi access points on every campus, with a total of 4,000 such points districtwide. Also known as a local area network (LAN), each will be interconnected with the district office and support sites through a fiber optic wide area network (WAN).

“Using laptops or other mobile devices, anyone on campus will have instant access to a world of knowledge at his or her fingertips,” said Steinhauser. “This should give Long Beach students an advantage in meeting the new Common Core State Standards.”

The new LAN/WAN infrastructure will provide the technology backbone with enough bandwidth for learning in the 21st Century, including video streaming, new generation bulbless projectors, document cameras, distance learning, e-books and handheld electronic tablets, such as iPads.