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FALL 2013

New Aquatic Center Worth the Wait

new Cabrillo Swimming Pool Cabrillo 40-meter poolCabrillo Aquatic Center

Cabrillo High School opened 18 years ago, but the school's new aquatic center is being inaugurated this month. As the last large high school in the district to get a pool, Cabrillo is now able to develop its own swim and water polo teams.

The $12 million aquatic center, funded by Measure K, offers Cabrillo students new options in physical education and after-school sports.

"Having a swim and water polo team was a factor for some incoming freshmen choosing Cabrillo,” said Co-Principal Elio Mendoza. “In the past, some students who wanted to compete in water sports went to other schools, even though Cabrillo may have been closer to home."

Cabrillo’s 40-meter pool contains more than a half million gallons of water—all temperature controlled and chemically-balanced by a state-of-the-art computerized system. The center also boasts bleachers for 250 people and one set of locker rooms for girls’/boys’ teams and another set for physical education classes.

The aquatic complex has an electronic scoreboard, ticket booth, concession area and a new parking lot.

According to Mendoza, the pool’s large shallow area is ideal for swim instruction.

“Even though we are just a few miles from the ocean, many of our students do not know basic water safety, so we now have a great opportunity to make sure everyone knows at least the fundamentals,” Mendoza added.

Mendoza said he hopes there will be opportunities for community use during non-school periods, especially summer vacation.

“We do not have a public pool in the area, and this is something that would mean a lot to the neighborhood,” Mendoza noted. “We’re interested in partnering with the community to offer swim lessons and recreational swimming.”

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