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Busiest Year Yet for Measure K Bond Program

2014 busy year for Measure K Bond Long Beach

This year is expected to be the busiest yet for the Measure K Bond Program, approved in 2008 by local voters to make available $1.2 billion for school construction and renovation.

“Seven years into the bond program, we have made good progress already and are going out to bid on almost $150 million in projects this year,” said Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser. “We are about to begin renovations at several campuses across the district.”

Steinhauser also noted that complete rebuilds at Newcomb Academy and Roosevelt Elementary School started last fall and will be completed by the 2015-2016 academic year.

“We have also begun a $136 million renovation of Jordan High School and are about to start building Browning High School, a new small high school with hospitality and tourism academies,” he added. "We’re planning to create a new science and math high school and beginning major retrofitting projects on outdated middle school gymnasiums and high school auditoriums."

Measure K projects were prioritized according to the school district’s Facility Master Plan, which was created and approved by the Board of Education following a comprehensive community engagement campaign.

“In total, we have more than $4 billion in facilities needs in this district, but we have $1.2 billion available right now," said Steinhauser. "This means that we are only able to address the most pressing needs."

Two new schools have already been built and opened as a result of Measure K: Nelson Academy and McBride High School. Throughout the school district, Measure K is also funding infrastructure improvements, such as campus-wide Wi-Fi, clocks, speakers, telephone systems and high school security systems.

"We are also removing dozens of outdated temporary buildings and replacing old boilers,” added Steinhauser.