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FALL 2015

Thousands Tour Newcomb, Roosevelt During Previews of Rebuilt Campuses

Roosevelt Elementary community open house
Newcomb Academy community open house

Thousands of community members toured the Long Beach Unified School District’s two newest schools—Roosevelt Elementary and Newcomb Academy—before the first day of the fall semester.

At evening open house events during the final days of August, school district leaders showcased the two re-built campuses to parents, students and neighbors.

The events featured self-guided tours and a slide show (Newcomb | Roosevelt) of the demolition and construction, which lasted three years.

“We’re grateful to Long Beach voters who approved Measure K in 2008 so that we could have the funds to rebuild and refurbish schools,” said Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser. “We also want to thank the schools’ students and staff for their patience, and the Measure K staff for all their hard work."

The Roosevelt campus features innovative use of limited space, including a playground built above a parking garage. The Art Deco look of the 1930s buildings was retained, and a door and photos of murals from the old school are displayed in the library.

Also new at Roosevelt is a community health center, which will serve people of all ages.

At Newcomb, a gymnasium and 350-seat lecture hall have been added to the campus, along with two elevators and four computer labs.

Both schools are outfitted with campus-wide Wi-Fi and have the latest classroom projection systems, daylight sensing and self-dimming lighting, and multi-pane windows for soundproofing and temperature control in each classroom.

Currently under construction is a new small high school, Browning, which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2016. Dozens of other Measure K projects of varying scope are underway or will begin shortly.