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Fall 2019

Bond Move Team Helps Teachers Relocate Classrooms

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Renovating schools often requires teachers to move from their classrooms temporarily, a potentially stressful experience.

That's when Joy Filius, Andy Nguy and Natasha Godoy come to the rescue. This trio, known as the move managers, has coordinated more than 1,000 classroom moves since the district's school bond program started modernizing and air conditioning classrooms.

"Depending on the situation, we're organizers, advisers, cheerleaders, therapists, and sometimes just shoulders to cry on," said Godoy, who leads the trio and sets the move schedules.

"We understand how difficult it is for teachers, who may have taught in the same classroom for 25 years, to have to pack up and move to another classroom, sometimes on another campus. We try to make the process as predictable and smooth as possible."

By providing a "turnkey" guide to purging and packing, the move team uses proven strategies while customizing the approach to each unique project.

According to Godoy, teachers are asked first to sort through their things, tossing anything they haven’t used in the last several years. Large items are labeled, not boxed. After the furniture and boxes are packed, labeled and ready to move, the managers supervise as many as 80 contract movers who transport everything to the new classrooms.

At the end of the renovation, the process is reversed and everything is packed and transported back to the modernized space.

Teachers aren’t the only people who depend on the move team. Principals such as Richard Littlejohn rely on their expertise to organize the entire transition.

"Andy had the ability to balance the needs of the school and timelines that were set as important benchmark dates for our move," he recalled. "The school had successful transitions for students and staff during the modernization project."