Building on Success LBUSD campus improvements
WINTER 2017-18

Keeping It Local

David Cramp Directs School Building Projects

David Cramp says he loves to solve problems. That’s why he studied mechanical engineering at UC Santa Barbara. That’s also why he enjoys his job as director of project support services at Swinerton Builders, a California-based contractor for LBUSD school bond projects.

Cramp is involved in construction at several LBUSD sites, including Jordan High School, Millikan High School and Kettering Elementary School.

Because he lives in Long Beach with his wife, Julia, and their two preschool children, Cramp has a short commute to work most days. The Cypress native said he is a strong supporter of public education and plans to send his children to district schools.

In his dozen years with Swinerton, he has been promoted several times. In his current position, he supervises four groups of specialty construction personnel including Quality, Schedule, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing), and BIM (Building Information Modeling).

Swinerton Builders is one of the largest commercial construction firms in the country. Having started in California in 1888, the company has a rare two-digit contractor’s license number, 92, and now has 3,000 employees and offices throughout the nation.

Cramp worked for several years in the petroleum industry before shifting his focus to commercial construction.

In addition to his daily duties, he is active in the ACE mentorship and STEM Advantage programs, which provide local high school and community college students with career training and scholarships in architecture, construction and engineering related fields.

This year, Cramp is running the annual ACE golf tournament, which raises more than $100,000 for the mentorship program.

"I encourage students to examine all the various types of jobs open to them in the construction and design fields," said Cramp. "For me, I enjoy how every two or three years, I can move on to new projects and meet new people.

"When a project is completed, I feel a sense of pride and satisfaction knowing that I contributed to this new building," he added. "It gives me a feeling of being connected to the broader community."

In his spare time, Cramp coaches AYSO soccer at Whaley Park and plays golf at local courses.