Building on Success LBUSD campus improvements
WINTER 2017-18

Air Conditioning Projects to Begin

In early 2018, six LBUSD schools will become the first of 51 older campuses to see renovations to provide new air conditioning and heating systems. These campuses currently have no air conditioning, or they have systems that are outdated or nearing the end of their serviceable life.

In November 2016, voters approved Measure E, a $1.5 billion school bond initiative that is now being used to fund air conditioning and new buildings on selected campuses, along with all-weather tracks and fields at middle and high schools.

During construction, some students will be relocated as early as this January to portable classrooms on their own campus or to a nearby school. This relocation could last several months or longer, depending on construction schedules.

Among those staying on their own sites during construction are Kettering, Riley and Garfield elementary students. Rogers Elementary sixth and seventh graders will also remain onsite, but eighth graders will move temporarily to Browning High School. The new high school has vacant space available because it opened in fall 2017 with ninth graders only.

Also moving to a temporary campus are all Stephens Middle School students, who will be accommodated at the vacant Jordan Plus site. Cleveland Elementary School students in grades 3 to 5 will move to the former Monroe site, where existing portables have been refreshed. Lower grades will stay on the Cleveland campus.

"We’re excited to begin making good on our promise to install air conditioning on every campus that needs it," said Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser. "Our staff has worked diligently to develop architectural plans and seek state approvals. The Facilities Department has devised thoughtful, cost-effective and efficient plans to accommodate students while their campuses are being upgraded."

To install central air conditioning, older schools need extensive infrastructure improvements, such as plumbing, electrical and other systems upgrades. Federal and state regulations also require schools to meet strict earthquake safety and Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility requirements whenever major construction takes place.

Air conditioning, heating and related upgrades will account for about 50 percent of the $1.5 billion Measure E funds, which will become available as bonds are sold in a series over the next two decades.

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