LBUSD Measure K Bonds

Community Clarifies Priorities

Some of the top priorities of parents, students, staff and other community members include attracting and retaining excellent teachers, maintaining school safety and repairing or renovating aging facilities. That’s according to more than 1,200 responses to recent online questionnaires and community surveys.

This input will be considered by the Board of Education as it updates its Facility Master Plan later this year. The plan, which guides planning for school construction and improvements, was first adopted in 2008 and last updated in 2013.

The public is invited to continue to give input through the online questionnaire.

Public input from seven community meetings held at each of the comprehensive high schools and at Avalon K-12 School last month also will be considered as part of the school district’s planning.

Input from the community shows a high degree of consensus that most local schools, built 60 to 70 years ago, are in need of basic health and safety improvements.

Feedback also showed that seismic upgrades and installing or modernizing air conditioning systems are major priorities for improving learning environments.

“The community wants to make sure we have a safe and healthful environment in our schools, well into future generations,” LBUSD Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser said. “The investments we make now in health, safety and technology will pay huge dividends in the continued excellence of our educational system.”

In May, the Board of Education is scheduled to review the full report on the public outreach results, and by June the school board could make a decision about how to further fund school repairs and other basic improvements.