LBUSD Measure K Bonds

$600 Million in Improvements

During the past several years, $600 million in school construction and improvements have been completed or are in progress at each school in the Long Beach Unified School District. View school-by-school description.

The funds for these project have come from Measure K, the $1.2 billion school bond measure approved by voters in 2008. So far, about half of the $1.2 billion has been made available for projects but the remaining 50 percent is not expected to be fully issued until 2030. The school district's ability to issue bonds is based on local property values.

Using Measure K funds, the school district has addressed some of its most pressing priorities, such as retrofitting gyms and auditoriums for earthquake safety, and relieving enrollment pressure at larger high schools by creating smaller schools.

Other key improvements to classrooms, such as upgrading electrical infrastructures and providing air conditioning districtwide, remain on the drawing board.

“While we have accomplished a lot, and we have been good stewards of public funds, we always knew that Measure K would not be able to address all of our improvement needs,” LBUSD Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser said.

“That’s why we’re examining ways to fund future improvements, including a possible school bond measure that would give voters a say in how we should proceed.”