LBUSD Measure K Bonds
FALL 2016

New All-Weather Fields Offer Savings, Durability

All-weather field

Students at three middle schools in the Long Beach Unified School District will be able to play on new all-weather athletic fields, thanks to Measure K.

Lindsey Academy, Nelson Academy and Keller Middle School will be the first campuses in the school district to sport synthetic turf fields, which are an increasingly popular option for providing reliable outdoor education.

“With our continuing drought and the rocky, sandy soil we have, all-weather fields are the best solution for replacement of failed natural grass fields,” said Alan Reising, executive director of Facilities Planning and Management. “These new fields will last longer and be playable even after it rains.”

Reduced water usage, lower maintenance costs and better management of storm water runoff are other key reasons for installing these fields.

The type of turf chosen by the school district meets stringent Proposition 65 health protection standards, and consists of 100 percent new materials, which have been shown to be more durable than the recycled rubber pellets used in older synthetic turf.

Installation is expected to be completed by the end of 2016 at all three campuses.