LBUSD Measure K Bonds
FALL 2016

Air Conditioning Upgrades Would Cost $700 Million

About 50 percent of funds that will be available if Measure E is approved would go to air conditioning systems and related infrastructure improvements at LBUSD campuses.

Currently, 33 of the school district’s 84 campuses have full heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. However, most equipment is reaching its end of life or is not energy efficient, according to a 2015 report to the Board of Education.

The remaining 51 campuses, most of which were built before 1970, do not have air conditioning or have only some buildings that are air conditioned.

"We had several days last school year when we had to send students home early due to the high temperatures," noted Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser. "As our weather continues to get warmer, it is likely we’ll have a similar scenario until we can get all of our classrooms air-conditioned."

Installation of new HVAC systems and electrical upgrades districtwide would cost about $234 million, and because such installation would trigger state and federal requirements to also update campuses for handicap accessibility and fire/earthquake safety, an additional $467 million would be required to make infrastructure improvements.