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John Campbell, co-owner of Signal Hill firm Future Design Communications, poses with Georgie, the company mascot that was rescued from a customer site.
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Keeping It Local

Signal Hill Company Links 80 Campuses with Wi-Fi

When John Campbell and his brother started their communications cabling business in 1987, their home’s living room was the office, and their cars’ garage was the warehouse.

Today, Future Design Communications has grown to a dozen employees and has a sizable office/warehouse in Signal Hill.

While it is still a small business, the company has built a strong reputation as a cabling provider with industry leaders such as Arrowhead Water and Capitol Records.

Last year, Future Design completed one of its largest jobs ever—the installation of cabling for Wi-Fi at more than 80 campuses in the Long Beach Unified School District.

The 18-month project was completed on schedule, enabling the school district to become one of the first large public school districts in the state to become fully wireless at every campus.

The company installed 4,000 access lines, including cabling in ceilings and walls to enable every classroom to be connected wirelessly to the Internet.

Campbell’s company has provided cabling services to the school district for more than 20 years.

“The trust we have established with the school district was key in our winning the contract for the Wi-Fi project,” said Campbell. “It was a great experience for us and we are thrilled the students and staff can benefit from our work.”

A former truck driver, Campbell got his start in the cabling industry 30 years ago by working at Belkin International, then also a small company that was started by its founder in his parents’ garage.

“My brother and I decided to start our own company three years later because we had a vision for the kind of quality work and customer service we wanted to provide,” said Campbell.

“This business isn’t glamorous,” he said. “It’s highly regulated and can be technically challenging, but we are passionate about it.”

As a long-time resident of Long Beach, Campbell said he’s proud to have played a part putting the school district on the forefront of educational technology statewide.