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Jordan High School Renovation

Project Summary:

Jordan High School was built in the 1930s with additions and renovations occurring from the 1950s through the 1990s. The campus is one of the largest in the district and the first to be renovated completely with students in place.

The Jordan renovation constitutes the largest and most ambitious campus renovation project ever undertaken in the Long Beach Unified School District.

Additional Information:

Phase I

Project Budget: $100 Million
Construction Duration: 2014-2021
Square Footage: 395,000

Additional Information:

Phase IA Spring-Summer 2014

Adding utility corridor along 65th Street and a new Edison substation in the north parking lot.

Additional Information:

Phase IB Summer 2014-2016

Demolition of four building in north campus and addition of 53 new portable modules (including 48 classrooms). Construction of three new classroom buildings.


Additional Information:


Phase IC 2016-2018

Demolition of one building and portables, construction of Buildings M and N.


Phase IIA 2016

Project Budget: $9.6 Million

Renovation of administration building, band building and media center.

Additional Information:


Phase IIB 2018-2020

Project Budget: $36.8 Million

Demolition of four buildings, construction of Buildings B and C.

Additional Information:


Phase III (now part of IIB) 2018-2020

Painting and upgrades to fire alarm of science building.


Phase IV 2016-2018

Project Budget: $20 Million

Seismic upgrades to auditorium, access compliance, fire/life safety improvements and renovation/repair of infrastructure.


Additional Information:


Phase V 2020-2021

Project Budget: $18.3 Million

Construction of new athletic fields.

Additional Information:


Phase VI 2018-2020

Project Budget: $14 Million

Conversion of natatorium into gymnasium and construction of outdoor swimming pool.

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Applicable District-wide Projects


Jordan High School in Long Beach


6500 Atlantic Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90805

Project Manager:
Edith C. Florence

Planning Manager:
Tracy Nishihara

Construction Manager:
Alan Paul

Executive Director of Facilities Planning and Development
Alan Reising


McCarthy Building Companies, Inc., Unlimited Environmental, Hayward Baker Inc., Pinner Construction Co., Inc., Brascia Builders, Condon-Johnson & Associates

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