Building on Success LBUSD Campus Improvement Bonds

David Starr Jordan High School Renovation

Construction Budget: $143.8 Million
Construction Duration: 2014-2021
Square Footage: 395,000

Phase IA Spring-Summer 2014

Adding utility corridor along 65th Street and a new Edison substation in the north parking lot.

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Phase IB Summer 2014-2016

Demoliltion of four building in north campus and addition of 53 new portable modules (including 48 classrooms). Construction of three new classroom buildings.


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Phase IC 2016-2018

Demolition of one building and portables, construction of Buildings M and N.


Phase IIB 2018-2020

Demolition of four buildings, construction of Buildings B and C.

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Phase IIA 2016

Renovation of administration building, band building and media center.

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Phase III (now part of IIB) 2018-2020

Painting and upgrades to fire alarm of science building.


Phase IV 2016-2018

Seismic upgrades to auditorium, access compliance, fire/life safety improvements and renovation/repair of infrastructure.


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Phase V 2020-2021

Construction of new athletic fields.

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Phase VI 2018-2020

Conversion of natatorium into gymnasium and construction of outdoor swimming pool.

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Applicable District-wide Projects


School Website

Jordan High School in Long Beach


6500 Atlantic Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90805

Project Manager:
Edith C. Florence

NTD Architects, and PJHM

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc., Unlimited Environmental