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The Interest Request Form below is only for firms that provide professional services such as material testing and inspection, architecture, project inspection, geotechnical, or similar, who wish to be added to the District's Interested Professional Services Consultants List. By completing the Interest Request Form, the District will contact your firm when a Request for Qualifications is issued for the professional services checked below.

The Interest Request Form is valid for one year from the date of submittal. You must re-submit annually to remain on the District's Interested Professional Services Consultants List. Please coordinate the completion of the form with your firm team to avoid multiple submittals from the same firm. Do not submit the Interest Request Form if your firm has already been Pre-Qualified for a professional service listed below.

Please be aware that contractors, construction firms, and vendors should go the the Purchasing Department for more information.









Services Provided*: Check only MAJOR services that your firm is licensed and fully capable of providing under contract.


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