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School Bond Dollars at Work

  • Jordan High School
  • McBride High School
  • McBride High School Library
  • Roosevelt Elementary School
  • Nelson Academy
  • Nelson Academy
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School Bond Newsletter Update

First Phases of Measure E Upgrades Planned

Planning is well under way for the first phases of Measure E school repairs and upgrades after local voters approved the $1.5 billion school bond measure last November. The Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education recently held a meeting where staff presented an estimated schedule of initial projects for the next three years. The entire implementation of Measure E could take up to 10 years, as schools receive air conditioning along with utilities, seismic, accessibility, fire alarm, lighting and other upgrades. Some schools will see new athletic facilities, including swimming pools and all-weather tracks and fields.

Completed Projects

  • McBride High
  • Newcomb Academy
  • Keller Soccer Field
  • Bancroft
  • Cabrillo High
  • Hoover Middle
  • Lindsey Academy
  • Lowell Elementary
  • Naples Bayside
  • Nelson
  • Powell Academy
  • Roosevelt Elementary
  • Boiler Replacement
  • Core Switch/UPS
  • Portable Removal
  • Wireless Data Comm

Current Projects

Upcoming Projects

High School Master Plans

Projects Out to Bid

Invitation to Bid #FAC14-1617
Fire Alarm System Phase 3 (Monroe)

Invitation to Bid #FAC13-1617
Poly HS Mod - Band Building HVAC Upgrade

Invitation to Bid #FAC10-1617
Sato Academy - Conversion

Invitation to Bid #FAC11-1617
Cabrillo High School - Track and Field

Invitation to Bid #FAC08-1617
Security Camera - Improvements (6 Sites)

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Measure E*

Measure K**

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Dollars Spent


541 Million

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612 Million

Remaining Balance

$1.5 Billion

$305 Million

* First funding expected April 2017
** Includes other non-bond funding sources

Last Modified: 5/25/2017